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Who we are

The Queensland Sperm Morphology Laboratory (QSML) was established by former staff of the University of Queensland Sperm Morphology Laboratory in Goondiwindi Queensland to handle the growing demand from bull owners and veterinarians to include sperm morphology as part of the Bull Breeding Soundness Evaluation (BBSE).  Dr Viv Perry has completed extensive research into bull fertility publishing her first work in this area in 1990 (Perry et al., 1990).

Building on this work the bull power team under Dick Holroyd has shown that sperm morphology is the factor most correlated with fertility and calf output in both multi-sire and single sire joinings (Holroyd et al.2002), example shown in graph below (courtesy of G. Fordyce)

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QSML operates two fully equipped Sperm Morphology Laboratories

Allowing fast reliable examination of samples even in peak season (1-5 day turn around) using x1000 magnification under excellent state of the art DIC microscopes. Experienced staff with tertiary scientific qualifications and advanced training in sperm evaluation and microscopy have provided a trusted quality service since 2007. Staff also undertake ongoing training and have been accredited morphologists under the ACV listed program.

Dr Viv Perry
Dr Viv Perry

Dr Perry has been instrumental to the development and integration of bull morphology examination into the Australian BBSE program developing the first standardised analysis (Perry et al., 2002) and being the foundation ACV Chief Examiner from 2002 when the ACV bull reporter scheme was first developed. This scheme has been recognised as the gold standard for BBSE and the joint publication describing this scheme (Fordyce et al., 2006) is highly cited worldwide.

Dr Perry has continued to teach undergraduate and postgraduate veterinarians in male ruminant reproduction at the Universities of Queensland, Adelaide and most recently at the University of Nottingham in the UK where she held the post of Associate Professor in Veterinary Reproduction. A key mentor to Dr Perry in bull fertility and morphology has been Professor Albert Barth with whom she has taught BBSE masterclasses in Australia and the UK.

The technical staff at QSML

QSML operates two fully equipped Sperm Morphology Laboratories. Laboratory 1 is run by Kelli Prosser and Laboratory 2 by Judy Felton-Taylor allowing fast reliable examination of samples even in peak season (1-5 day turn around) using x1000 magnification under excellent DIC microscopes with camera attachments. Laboratory 2 is also equipped for frozen thawed sperm assessment. These experienced staff both with tertiary scientific qualifications and advanced training in sperm evaluation and microscopy have provided a trusted quality service since 2007. Both Judy and Kelli share an enthusiasm for cattle production living on cattle and grain properties close to Goondiwindi. All staff undertake ongoing training and are accredited morphologists under the ACV listed program.

QSML staff have enjoyed participating in the standardisation and proficiency workshops currently run in collaboration with the University of Queensland School of Veterinary Science. QSML has recently updated its services by undertaking Schiff staining in some samples and, where borderline counts occur, have increased the count number following recent guideline updates on standardisation of laboratory techniques. These advanced services are offered at no additional cost to the client. Current Research projects are being undertaken in collaboration with Peter McAuliffe and Betty Rhindfliesh and Dr Perry’s PhD students in the UK and Australia.

The team at QSML

Dr Viv Perry Ph. D
Director and Senior advisory morphologist
Dr Perry has conducted extensive research in the field of male and female ruminant fertility over the past 30 years at Universities in Australia and the UK. She continues to hold Honorary academic positions at both the University of Adelaide and the University of Nottingham as Associate Professor in Veterinary Reproduction where her PhD students are based. Current research at QSML reflects her interest in the effects of nutrition upon fertility particularly in the developing calf. The most recently published work examines the deleterious effect of acidosis upon bull sperm output in the following 3mths. Dr Perry holds a PhD in bull fertility from the University of Queensland Veterinary School and has continued to complete research into the environmental effects upon fertility and sperm quality as part of the QSML service to the Australian Cattle industry. She is reliably available to both clients and staff for consultation on individual cases.
Ray Cranney
Research Officer and Accounts Manager
Ray is an integral part of the QSML team completing all of the accounts and running the on site research projects in Queensland and previously in the UK and South Australia. Ray and his sons run Angus and Wagyu breeder and trading operations in Queensland and NSW.
Kelli Prosser B App Sc, M Ag Sc
Laboratory Manager and Morphologist
After surviving schooling in Perth, Singapore, Canada, Stanwell Park, Adelaide and Brisbane Kelli studied agriculture at the then Queensland Agricultural College, Gatton. After completing her degree and working for a few years as a tutor at Gatton Kelli moved to the University of Queensland, Pinjarra Hills where she worked as a scientific officer and completed her Master’s degree. Kelli then married a farmer and thought she had retired to raise a family until she was unearthed by Viv Perry and again found herself working for Queensland University, Goondiwindi. In 2010 Kelli moved with Viv to QSML where she now enjoys the challenges of getting results to clients who “have the truck coming on Monday!”
Judy Felton- Taylor BSc
Judy graduated BSc (Hons) from University of Queensland before taking a position at the Queensland Museum specialising in preservation of scientific specimens. A tree change occurred after marriage to a Goondiwindi grazier where she gained a lifelong interest in cattle breeding. Judy's varied scientific skills were also appreciated by a generation of children at the isolated Kindon State School. Her enthusiasm for sperm morphology was sparked by her neighbour (Viv) when she appreciated the effect it was having on their herd fertility. Judy loves being involved in the research the team complete in sperm assessment and is always keen to assist clients in receiving timely results.