Preserved Sample Packaging

All preserved sample packages, both Domestic and International, should be sent via post or courier and addressed to:


P.O. Box 962

Goondiwindi, Qld. 4390

All packages should include the following:

  • Vials placed within a sealable plastic bag or container
  • Adequate padding around the vials
  • An email notification of samples sent by courier so QSML can collect promptly (sent to [email protected])
  • The Bull Reporter II File Number (If you’re unsure of the number, please provide the ‘place of examination’ name)


  • A copy of our Excel Breeding Soundness Worksheet (for larger numbers please use this form) enclosed and e-mailed to [email protected]
    • This form facilitates the recording of Breeding Soundness Evaluation measurements for those not using Bull Reporter II. It can be downloaded and the crushside data such as Breed, SC, Motility and Collection Number added.

Packaging Tips

We recommend padding well with bubble wrap or the use of a padded post pack. Please do not send in a paper envelope, as vials will be shattered by sorting machines.

Clip top vials need to be checked to make sure they are properly closed front and back.

Frozen Sample Packaging

To assess a frozen semen sample we require the frozen straw to be sent in liquid nitrogen.

Please use email ([email protected]) or the contact us form or phone 0427 754709 to arrange a Frozen Sample dispatch with QSML.

International Packages

Clients sending samples from outside of Australia please print the below Quarantine Information on your business letterhead and place on the outside of the package. Failure to do this may result in your package being seized by Australian Biosecurity