Current Research Interests

Bull Fertility

Two studies have recently been completed upon the Influence of pre-weaning nutrition on sexual development in bulls and The effects of acidosis on sperm quality in the bull. These have been funded by Ridley Agriproducts and the QSML.

Funding from the ARC link scheme has enabled funding into the effects of nutrition during pregnancy on sperm morphology and bull puberty. This has been co funded by S. Kidman and Co and Ridley Agriproducts

Sperm morphology examination and reporting in Australasia a study funded by QSML showing the effects of breed, location and season upon abnormalities.

Diet during heifer pregnancy affects calf development

The effects of nutrition during pregnancy upon placentation and blood flow in the heifer, weaner growth, immune competence in the neonate and calf neonatal behaviour are studies currently under publication.

Published research by Dr Viv Perry

You can stay up to date on Dr Viv Perry’s research via her Research Gate profile.