Preserved Samples

Preserved semen samples are to be sent in Buffered Formal Saline Solution (BFS). Semen not stored in the correct buffered formal saline can arrive in poor condition and will be unable to be assessed. Some abnormalities seen in sperm have been caused by the wrong preservative being used, so it is critical that the correct solution is used.

Obtaining BFS
2mL vials containing 1mL of BFS can be ordered by email [email protected], online from QSML via our order form, or by phoning 0427 754709. Vials sent are screw cap unless otherwise specified.

Semen Sample Tips

Semen Consistency:

  • If semen is creamy (600 x 10⁶/mL), add 1-2 drops semen to the BFS in the vial. (Aim to keep vials at approximately 37°C prior to semen addition and as cool as possible after addition)
  • If semen is milky add 5-6 drops of semen to the vial.
  • If semen is watery (180 x 10⁶/mL) take out half the BFS and fill the vial. (Ensure vials are kept cool to reduce bacterial growth at this concentration)

Semen Clumping: Shake the vial gently after the addition of sperm to avoid clumping. Accurate morphology results are difficult or impossible to obtain once clumping has occurred.

Semen Contamination: If samples are contaminated with urine, please keep refrigerated as much as possible to decrease bacterial growth.

Frozen Samples

To assess a frozen semen sample we require the frozen straw to be sent in liquid nitrogen.

Please use email ([email protected]) or the contact us form or phone 0427 754709 to arrange a Frozen Sample dispatch with QSML.